Sacred Breath Yoga and Reiki offers a safe and loving space to expand one’s consciousness:
to heal, learn, grow and connect to mind, body and spirit.

As an elementary educator in Naperville, Illinois, for more than two decades, Kristen certainly did not foresee a spiritual wellness-based practice as a life path at this stage in her life, but personal events and experiences and spiritual awakening were so profound that Kristen opened her heart, followed her intuitive guidance and discovered her soul’s dharma.

From that moment, Kristen has never looked back and am amazed at the abundance,  blessings  and transformation this path has brought into her life. Kristen loves nothing more than sharing these miraculous healing gifts and wisdom with others.

Kristen’s current certifications include Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Egyptian Reiki Level I, Registered Yoga Teacher with a passion for Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative Practices, Restorative Aerial Yoga Teacher and Guided Meditation.

Kristen offers private in-home yoga therapy, meditation and reiki healing.

Kristen teaches her students how to create an environment of balance, healing, relaxation, serenity, and a deep connection to self and Source. She believes that we can choose peace in our lives no matter what circumstances may be going on around us or what has happened to us in our pasts. When unexpected life events happen that impact our health, heart, mind, or spirit, it is a call for us to stop and reflect, to breathe, to take a look at our lives and realize it is time to make changes.

Kristen can guide you into experiencing more joy and peace in your life by assisting you in unblocking and opening your energy channels and centers, helping you to reconnect with your highest self, guides, anscestors, your intuition and true essence and spirit.

Kristen’s passionl for you is to develop and strengthen self-love so you do not have to look outside of yourself for anything.

Kristen Kainrath

Founder & Head Instructor

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I experienced my first ever Reiki session yesterday. Going into this, I did not know at all what to expect or if Reiki was “real” or if it would even “work”. Let me tell you, Kristen is AMAZING. My session went even better than I could’ve dreamed. She is so gifted and my Reiki session was absolutely beautiful! Kristen made me feel very comfortable and I appreciated that. My session with her provided SO much clarity that I had been seeking. Today, I am feeling very light, happy, at peace and CONFIDENT. I have never felt this combination of emotions all at once. I feel so in-tune with myself, and my intuition is just off the charts since I left my session with Kristen yesterday. I have already started telling friends and family about my experience. I will be back! THANK YOU, KRISTEN.



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